Develop a tool that stabilize Emma’s arm and allow her to draw

About Emma

Emma is 9 years old and, despite being in a wheelchair, she is pretty much unstoppable! When she is not studying for school, doing some sort of therapy or in English class; she is having sleep-overs with her friends, playing with makeup, doing dance class or as many kids this age, playing around on her IPad. Emma also likes to participate in sports events and is planning on participating in the next Handi-Challenge the 19th of May 2019.


Emma would love to draw and use her keyboard to communicate with her friends but, due to hypotonia (low muscle tone) and dystonia (uncontrolled muscles contractions), she has little control of her hands and arms. In addition, she struggles to independently move her left and right arms, e.g. when she moves one arm, the other arm moves as well with poor control. First, a immobilization of her right arm is required whenever she wants to move the left one (to improve its control). Second, she would also need a stabilization of her left wrist and arm due to a wrist supination. Third, she cannot always extend her finger because of spasticity. Ideally, the developed solution would be “worn” all day and could be used for the keyboard, the joystick of her wheelchair and to draw, requiring little or no readjustments. Emma counts on you!


You’ll know after the Hackathon on March 22-24! Stay tuned!