Develop a rain protection for MC’s wheelchair

About Marie-Christine

Marie-Christine is borned on June, 7th 1959. At the age of 11 years old, she started to develop a a rheumatoid arthritis and all her joints have been touched. She can still walk a bit, but she mainly use her wheelchair. She loves nature and to go to parks or to the lake. She works at 50% and goes to her office by wheelchair. If it rains hard or snow, she uses hercar as she can still drive for small distances.


The goal of this challenge is to develop a rain protection for wheelchair while letting the user to perform other actions like driving. The protection should be adaptable to most chairs in order to maximize it usability. Indeed, a wheelchair is changed every few years. Due to reduced hands mobility, the protection should be easy to open and close for Marie-Christine. Moreover, it should not take too much place to allow her to take the public transport or to go to shops. Marie-Christine counts on you!


You’ll know after the Hackathon on March 22-24! Stay tuned!