Develop a cosy device to maintain Zoé’s head straight

About Zoé

Zoé is a twelve years old girl. As Zoé name means “life” in greek, she is always smiling and optimistic. Even she cannot do all the movement she would like, she is very dynamic. She loves traveling, big thrills. She has lots of imagination and she is always sharing her creativity.


Due to a myopathy, Zoé has hypotonia; in her daily life she has difficulty in maintaining her head straight. She can bend her head down, but cannot raise it back, as her neck muscles are too weak. This makes it really challenging at school; for instance, when she needs to write something, she lowers her head, but then she needs her hands to put it back straight. The challenge is to develop a tool allowing her to gain more freedom in her head movements. As Zoé can push forward her head but not pull back, her wish would be to be able to choose her head angle by applying force. When no force is applied, her head should come back to the straight position. Zoé counts on you!


You’ll know after the Hackathon on March 22-24! Stay tuned!