About us

We are a team of engineers and friends coming from different institutions, and all working at Campus Biotech and EPFL, Switzerland. We are very motivated and passionate about health and medical technologies. We want to help people with disabilities and to make our prototypes open source and available to other people in the need. We have launched our first hackathon in 2018 to follow our dream

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Arnaud Devachez

Arnaud is a bioengineer from EPFL with a focus on Biocomputing. He works at the Fondation Campus Biotech Geneva and develops machine learning applications for real-time brain signal decoding and Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) systems. He is enthousiast about changes toward a decentralized and greener society. He loves social interactions and music production.

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Stephanie Martin

Stephanie is a bioengineer from EPFL, and currently carries out a postdoc at University of Geneva. She studies how the brain works and how we can build new technologies to improve people’s life. Stephanie is a hyperactive person, who loves doing all kinds of activities, including mountaineering, climbing, diving, and travelling.

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Luca Randazzo

Luca is a hybrid software/mechanical/electronics engineer from EPFL in love with designing and building artefacts. He is a deeply optimist person, dreaming to use design and engineering to develop communities where humans and technology seamlessly merge and coexist, to fix and improve what chances and bad luck broke. He loves riding his enduro motorcycle, his high-fives-giver and edith-piaf-singer dog Tappo, and hearing the voice of his sister Chiara screaming “I'm back hoooome family!”.

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Margaux Dubessy

Margaux is a bioengineer and virtual reality engineer from ENSAM, working at Fondation Campus Biotech Geneva. She enjoys mixing different technologies from electronic, mechanical and computer programming domain to create specific system for research projects. Always with the smile, she give the best of herself when she works in a team.

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Iselin Frøybu

Iselin is a mechanical engineer from Penn State and EPFL, where she explored the intersection between mechanics and biology. Her vision is to create meaningful tech, and she currently work alongside Luca Randazzo to develop a hand exoskeleton for activities of daily living. At home, Iselin is a passionate skier, traveler, food enthusiast and maker. Her motto is “Let’s !”

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Flavio Raschellà

Flavio is a biomedical engineer with experience in neuroscience. Flavio is currently pursuing his PhD focusing on alleviating gait disorders in Parkinson’s disease patients. A strong believer in our ability to make the world a better place by pooling skills and resources, Flavio enjoys volunteering his time to help others in his community. Given his Italian roots Flavio loves cooking and mostly eating. Flavio is also crazy about travelling and discovering various aspects of different cultures, including cuisine.

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Emanuele Formento

Emanuele is a neural engineer from EPFL, whose goal is to develop new technologies that allows to restore or increase human abilities. During his PhD, he worked on the development of a neuromodulation therapy to enable walking in people with spinal cord injury. When he is not in the lab, he is either climbing, freeride skiing, or traveling around the world.